4 Wheel Alignment computer system


Our Pro-Align 800 four wheel laser aligner is a professional system used to measure the position and angle of each wheel of your vehicle. Once this data is in the system the computer instructs the operator which angles need adjusting. The main angles of adjustment the system looks at are caster, camber, Rear & Front Toe & Thrust Angle.* Our system can measure wheels up to 20 inches.

We will recommend a four wheel alignment as part of the repairs to your vehicle should we feel the damage sustained in an accident calls for it, however there are other benefits to having your vehicle four wheel aligned;

Help Reduce Tyre Wear

An improperly aligned vehicle can result in excessive or uneven wear of your tyres

Improved Road Handling

If your vehicle has road handling problems such as a vibrating steering wheel or pulling to one side then a four wheel alignment may be the answer

Fuel Economy

Along with correctly inflated tyres, correctly aligned tyres can help you increase you fuel mileage as it helps to reduce rolling resistance

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* Unfortunately some vehicles may not be able to have all angles adjusted