Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are currently the fastest growing segment in automotive and one of the top 4 lines of focus for OEMs globally. They are constantly being developed by specialists to adapt and enhance automatic vehicle systems, extending the capabilities of you and your vehicle.
Safety features developed through ADAS attempt to eliminate human error and include automatic breaking, advanced light control, blind spot detection, driver drowsiness detection and even night vision. Technologies that help with better and more convenient driving also include adaptive cruise control, automatic parking, GPS navigation and hill descent control.

With innovative new and updated systems constantly being integrated into the latest vehicles, our expert team are fully trained to ensure they are up to date on technologies coming onto the automotive market. This includes Matrix headlights. Our team are fully factory trained to reset all Matrix headlights.

Wyndon Motors Ltd have invested in technology, tools and training to ensure that these systems can be maintained here on site and kept in working order for you and your vehicle.